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About Angel Garcia – Professional Stylist


Welcome to the Angel Experience! Angel Garcia is a native of Peru and currently resides in Sacramento California. Ever since Angel was a child, his dream remained the same… To someday live in California and work in the Fashion or Entertainment Industry. For a young child living in South America, this seamed nearly impossible to achieve. With a little luck and a whole lot of hard work, Angel took his first step off the plane in California the day before he turned 18 years old! Angel commented: “Growing up in Peru wasn’t easy at all, but it really had a big part in making me into the person I am today. Moving to another country was exciting and scary. I felt like I was starting a new, fresh life.”

Angel didn’t waste any time! Less than one year after he came to the United States, he was already enrolled in cosmetology school. Even in school, the Instructors noticed right away that Angel had a “natural knack” for hair design.¬†Clients would keep coming back to the cosmetology school for Angel’s services, some of them driving over an hour to get there! Angel has a natural energy, fueled by creativity and sustained by a love for what he does. He didn’t just stumble into this career. This was the realization of a childhood dream and the product of a very motivated individual.

The trademark of a great Stylist is one who continues their education in this ever-changing industry. Style & fashion changes very quickly. New hair products and styling techniques come out all the time. Making sure your hair Professional is up-to-date on the latest styles is very important. Angel spends much of his time attending seminars, researching the latest trends, and working with product representatives to make sure his clients are getting the most modern services available. “I get excited when I get to do a makeover or experiment with new styles! It’s such a blast! Especially when I get to see the smile on my client’s face when they see their transformation. After appearing on Univision in Sacramento to talk about seasonal styles, I had a lot of people contacting me for new style ideas. I would talk until my voice was gone. I just love this industry. The people are the best though. My clients are very special to me and they motivate me to keep getting better at what I do. I do it for them because I love them!”

So what is “The Angel Experience” about? It’s just like it sounds. It’s an experience. Angel is a phenomenal artist, however, his personality is what keeps people leaving with a giant smile and coming back for more. Angel is an expert at making people feel comfortable, welcome, appreciated, and most importantly, like they are being listened to. Going to Angel for something as simple as a blowout can transform your entire day. You will leave with a giant smile, feeling rejuvenated and joyful – just from the contagious energy that is… “The Angel Experience!” Come see for yourself and BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE NOW!